Event Results

Event Results & Current Leaders

For our 2017 events we have introduced cash prizes for the top 3 scoring teams.

To enter it is simple:

– Attend one of our regional championships or Alton Towers Weekends throughout 2017
– This is open to all of the team age sections and divisions offered at the UK Street Dance Challenge.
– This includes any competitions we run between 1st January – 31st December 2017 unless stated otherwise.
– The top 3 teams and their scores will be listed on the “Event Results” page of our website and will be updated after each event.
– The 3 highest marked teams throughout the year will win the following cash prizes:
1st place – £1,000
2nd place – £700
3rd place – £300

Here are the current top 3 teams of our 2017 championships, the teams listed here are our current leaders:

1st Place: JUICY – 65.75

2nd Place: Dark Cloud – 65.33

3rd place: Bandits & Luminous – 62.25

You can also view the team results from each event by clicking the links below:

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Alton Towers Weekend – February

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South West Championships

East Anglia Championships

Wales Championships

North East Championships

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South East Championships

Alton Towers Weekend – November