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Andry Oporia (DJ3D)


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Andry (DJ3D) is a DJ on the rise & making a name for himself on the Underground, Dance Battle and Nightclub scenes. Throughout the 90’s having been introduced to Ricochet Promotions (with such members as Shortee Blitz (KISS FM), Boogie Bunch, Rampage,Da Ill Kidz & many more), the love for music and DJing was growing strong as all his friends and associates were involved in the business of entertainment.

Near the end of the 90’s the team (Ricochet Promotions) disbanded and individuals pursued successful professional careers in Radio & Television and are still there to this day. However, Andry (DJ3D) had taken a different part in entertaining that proved to be his other profession besides DJing. Dance!

As a professional dancer and having worked with many Artists in venues all over the World, the one thing that kept his mind on the tasks at hand was the Music. Driven by the love for Music and listening to his friends on the Radio and Nightclubs, there was a major inspiration to join the ranks of being a DJ. Also, having been a Dance Teacher and holding Classes 3 times a week for several Years, he noticed his music selection was also a subject matter within the community. Where the music came from, what the latest song was and what beat was that, were always mentioned when attending a Dance Class. That is the unique element of DJ3Ds sets.

After having a long stint dancing and suffering an injury that took Andry out for 6 months to recover, DJ3D was born. Picking up where he left off in the 90’s (vinyl) and moving into 00’s (digital), using the spare time he had and keeping his options open Andry went straight to work developing his style and technique on the turntables.

Using his connections and networks at his disposal, the first location to have given DJ3D his opportunity to showcase his skills was at “B.S.I Jam” located in Maryland and a monthly Jam run by “Boy Blue Ent.”. It was here that playing to a variety of people attending the jam and organisers of other events is where DJ3D had his name spread. Moving onto BBQ’s and Private Parties etc, his clientele grew automatically and widely.

As a DJ, Andry believes that his music should have a unique element where the public can be introduced to NEW sounds and genres of music. Not only will he play the mainstream songs and sounds that people love, but he will always drop that ONE song that only a few may have ever heard.

Especially at Dance Battles where the dancer should be able to freestyle and interpret what they hear. These are the opportunities that DJ3D shows off his knowledge of music in.

“If you can go to a Party and enjoy yourself FULLY without constraint is a pleasure. But to got out and your mood change fo the better due to the DJs selection!? Now that’s a GOOD DJ. I hope there are followers of my style and music choices and that i have been able to accomplish suc a task. Until then, I will always aim to keep the party LIVE!” – DJ3D (Andry)